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Title: Tell Me Now, How Do I Feel
Fandom/Characters: RocknRolla, Handsome Bob/One Two
Word Count: 1252
Disclaimer: I don't own. Guy Ritchie does, though. I wrote in this sadly non existent fandom just for fun.
Warnings: DUBIOUS CON OF A VERY DUBIOUS NATURE. Name calling with words I would never actually say to a person. Some cruelty. Angst. A beautiful, beautiful man in pain. Seriously, this isn't for everybody, and I get that.
A/N: I expect, oh, maybe two people to read this?

Is this what you wanted then, Bob? )
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If anyone who is fluent in Russian would kindly check the Google translations, I would be most grateful.

Title: Maiden Voyage
Rating: NC-17 for explicit sexual situations
Pairing: Uri Omovich/Victor
Word Count: 2,216
Beta: [personal profile] unsettledink
Description: Uri christens his new yacht with the help of Victor.
Author's Note: Because sex on the sun deck of a luxury liner is nothing short of divine. Special thanks to [personal profile] 2_perseph for pointing out the potential for this pairing. (Seriously, where did I put my slash goggles at the time?) Translations for the Russian phrases are found at the end of the fic.

( Maiden Voyage )
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Title: What a Real Rocknrolla Wants

Author: [livejournal.com profile] thepuppeteer 

Fandom: Rocknrolla

Pairing: One Two / Handsome Bob

Rating: NC-17

Summary: What a Rocknrolla Wants, a Rocknrolla gets.

Warnings: Sexual activities between two hot men. ( Is this even a warning? ) Also, this story was written at 2 something in the morning. It could have been better, but as a first foray into this fandom, I think it will do.

Feedback is love.

Read the story )


Aug. 13th, 2009 10:53 pm
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 Hi all!

I made a pairings screencap/commentary post about Guy Ritchie's movie-before-Sherlock Holmes, RocknRolla. And before that I made fic: Handsome Bob/One Two.

Hope you enjoy.
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Title: Stick-Up Kid
Fandom: RocknRolla
Rating: NC-17 for foul language and explicit sexual situations
Pairing: Johnny Quid/Archy
Word Count: 1,613
Summary: Archy's saddled with babysitting duty, but our boy Johnny has other plans.
Author's Note: RocknRolla was just full of slashy goodness, but of all the characters, Mark Strong's dark and charismatic gentleman criminal caught my fancy the most. After reading this thread on [community profile] rareslash, I knew I had to write something. This is set before the movie, with a decidedly younger Johnny (early 20's) and an Archy who's not yet top dog in Lenny's organization. I decided to work off an established relationship, because it's too much trouble to develop all the intricacies for a one-shot PWP. The reference to the Rolos comes from dialogue that was cut from the final script.

( Stick-Up Kid )
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I've just watched Rock n Rolla, and I went on a search for fic, but there is none to be had... Even yuletide has let me down! (Probably not it's fault, it might not have been out in time for it)

So, does anyone know of any fic for this film? Thanks!


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