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Title: The Proposition
Fandom: The Usual Suspects
Pairing: Dean Keaton/Verbal Kint, Dean Keaton/Keyser Söze
Rating/Content/Warnings: Adult. Emphatically so! Violent non-con, power games, and ableist language drawn from the source material. Massive spoilers from the film; a knowledge of it will help enormously.
Length: 3900 words approx.
Summary: Verbal Kint and Keyser Söze want something for Dean Keaton. And they will get it with their own unique means.
Notes: Written for the 'anonymity' square for kink_bingo @ DW. An AU from the...perceived events of the film. The first few paragraphs should clarify what this is.
Acknowledgments: Big thank you to [livejournal.com profile] awils1 for the beta.

Fic: The Proposition @ DW
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Title: All Quiet on the L.A. Coast
Author: QDS
Fandom: The Usual Suspects
Pairing: Dean Keaton/Verbal Kint. Off-screen McManus/Fenster/(and maybe Hockney)
Rating/Content: Adult. Somewhat established relationship between Keaton and Verbal.
Length: 2750 words approx.
Summary: Verbal is, well, Verbal. And Keaton likes things quiet.
Notes: Written for the 'silence' square for kink_bingo. Set just after the 'suspects' arrive in L.A. Spoilers for the film, and makes assumptions of the film that are discussed in my post over here.
Thanks: To my beta [livejournal.com profile] awils1, for her wonderful work to make me coherent!

All Quiet @ Dreamwidth

All Quiet @ LJ

All Quiet @ AO3
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Title: Falling into you
Fandom: The Usual Suspects
Pairing: Dean Keaton/Roger ‘Verbal’ Kint
Summary: Keaton’s thoughts on Verbal.
Rated: G
Disclaimer: Fiction! I don't own the characters nor the film. I don't intend to make money from it, either.

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Title: Romantic

Author: AliceDawkins

Fandom: The Usual Suspects

Pairing: McManus/Fenster

Rating: R for language and sexual content

Notes: My beta is not a native English-speaker, and new to the slash world. If this sucks, blame it on him, cause he said it was good.

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Some time ago, I re-watched The Usual Suspects and started wondering how much of what we see on screen is Verbal’s story, and how much of it is Kujan’s imagination.

And that that inspired me to write a ficlet about Agent Kujan’s thoughts during the interrogation:

Author: i.c.k. ([livejournal.com profile] a_phasia)
Fandom: The Usual Suspects
Rating: PG, probably.
Pairings: McManus/Fenster and McManus/Keaton are kind of implied. And there is the implication of an implication that Kujan has a very personal reason for hating Keaton.
Summary: It's entirely possible that Agent Kujan is projecting his obsession with Dean Keaton on McManus.
Author's Note: Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] lasarus for beta-reading and encouragement.
Disclaimer: Not mine.

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