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Title: Out Of Darkness
Author: Sefkhet
Pairing: Harry/Leo
Rating: PG/R
Summary: "It's far from the first time one of them has woken the other up screaming." Fix-it for Season 15, including but not limited to Greater Love.
Notes:I've been sitting on this for a while. Title from John Ireland's anthem Greater Love Hath No Man.

Leo will be sleeping the sleep of the just and weary when what Harry calls his lizard brain becomes aware that all is not well.
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Title: What Kind Of Day Has It Been?
Author: Sefkhet
Pairing: Leo/Harry
Rating: PG
Summary: It's been miserable weather, the Metropolitan Police continue to be useless bureaucrats, students become more ignorant by the day, and, by the way, Harry and I are sleeping together.
Notes: This takes place in a universe without Janet, but otherwise contains spoilers up to the end of Series 14.

Did your eyes meet across a crime scene? )
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Title: Death Be Not Proud
Author: Sefkhet
Pairing: Leo/Janet, Leo/Harry
Rating: PG
Summary: In ICU, Janet and Harry talk.
Notes: A missing scene from Intent (13x02). This is probably the only time I will ever write canon-compliant fic in this fandom. And, yes, I do seem to be rewriting all of Series 13.

It's the goodbyes that I'm rubbish with. )
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Title: in a universe where you see the worst (and it's up to you to fix it)
Author: [livejournal.com profile] sefkhet
Fandom: Silent Witness (Harry/Leo)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: "If his heart stopped every time Harry got himself taken hostage or shot at or locked in a room with a ticking bomb, well, that was Harry's fault."
Notes: Post-ep for Shadows. Technically AU, as I've completely ignored Janet.

He looked at the patch of floor where barely an hour ago he'd performed his second-ever craniostomy, with -- Jesus -- with a corkscrew and a mobile phone and, just barely, the power of prayer. )
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Title: Lost and found
Fandom: Silent Witness
Pairing: Leo Dalton/Harry Cunningham
Author: Nanuk Dain
Rating: PG-13
Warning: angst, sap, hurt/comfort
Disclaimer: Not mine. Pity...
Summary: While Leo is fighting with the loss of his family, he finds new strength in the last person he would have expected to find it in.

Read more... )


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